It’s Time for a User-Driven Enterprise BI Strategy.


We’ve made it easy to achieve BI self-service success.

During this 1 day free workshop your team will have the necessary information  to develop a foundational Self-Service model for Analytics and the capabilities to self-sufficiently design, deploy and analyze is your own reports.

  • Assessment of current SAP and overall Analytics landscape
  • Understanding your organizations short and long-term objectives and identifying self-service challenges
  • Review and develop BI standards and processes based on best practices.
  • Develop and recommend a customized BI Self-Service roadmap that takes into consideration an overall big data and analytics strategy.

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"We hired Method360 on an important visioning strategy project to help assess the existing business/IT environment. Their partnership proved to be a key ingredient to the successful delivery of this important business initiative."

Erik Goodman
Director, Global Financial Business Processes
Lam Research, Inc.

More About this Workshop

Whether it’s user frustration waiting for IT to create reports and analytics or lack of BI processes, we wanted to put together a structured workshop that increased BI self-service adaption and empowered users. Many organizations struggle with the fundamental core aspects needed to support a solid Self-Service model. Method360’s vast experience in the Analytics space and its thought leadership provides a simplified Self-Service model that can be adopted throughout various industries. In this workshop an organization’s team will have the necessary information to develop a foundational Self-Service model for Analytics. With our proven techniques, business partners will gain the necessary flexibility to not only be self-sufficient but have information literally at their fingertips.

We are currently provide this “BI Self-Service Analytics” workshop to SAP customers at no cost. This is part of a broader <a href=”#”>collection of no-cost workshops</a> that make it easy to explore and deploy the latest SAP and technologies designed improve your businesses bottom line, develop intellectual capital, and increase data knowledge throughout the organization.

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