Method360: Foundational Enablement

For long-term, scalable and sustainable Data management, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence programs, the enterprise must acknowledge that an approach that involves one off initiatives or production instances is far from ideal and not a true basis for the strategic business transformation. A comprehensive set of enterprise capabilities, processes, and assets are required to ensure the foundation for legitimate, durable Analytics & AI enablement.  Many data projects fail to realize the intended business objectives because the implementation team lacks the requisite experience. This failure rate accelerates with the complexity of the initiative.

Method360 has two decades of experience implementing data and analytics initiatives and we have the delivery team to help clients achieve their goals.

Data Architecture

To compete and excel in the digital world it takes a solid data architecture that supports your business objectives with the right technology and can scale to achieve near and long-term goals.  To design and build that data architecture takes experience, understanding and effort.  Method360 has deep experience helping our clients design and implement the right data architecture that meets today’s most immediate needs and tomorrow’s aspirational goals.

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Data Platform Modernization

The pressure to leverage data as a business asset has never been stronger. Companies today must create data strategies that position their teams with capabilities to create new product offerings and strengthen its competitive position. The world is moving faster, with many new data types that require capture and interrogation, and the ability to operate scalable data platforms with actionable analytics solutions is a critical competency. The reality is many companies are still bound by prior investments in technology, in-house skill sets, and constrained budgets but these hurdles must be overcome to avoid being left behind. Traditional on-premise data warehouse platforms were not designed to handle the rapid growth in data and the varying types of data that organizations must acquire to preserve and enhance its competitive position relative to peers. Data warehouses are moving rapidly to the cloud and agile, cloud-first data architectures are critical to support your current and future data-centric workloads at scale.

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Data Orchestration

Extracting, ingesting and moving data is simple. Fulfilling a business objective and having a successful outcome fueled by data is complex.

Data Orchestration is the process of data movement, refinement, enrichment, organizing and enabling data accessibility to enable one or more value use cases. Building or enhancing your existing data processes to facilitate agility, scalability, transparency and trust takes experience. Whether you are looking to streamline your data pipelines, your application integration or your ETL, Method360 Data experts have the experience and methodologies to take your prioritized value use cases from detailed plan – to development – to implementation – to successful outcome.

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Data Governance

Does your organization know who has access to what data? Do your internal customers know what data means? Do you trust your data and how your business processes leverage that data? 

Data Governance is a program to leverage people, process and technology to drive a common language to bridge IT and business groups, to enable trust in data with verification. It’s not just enough to start up a data group or data governance program and declare victory. More than 70% of organizations have implemented a data governance program although most are underperforming and not meeting expectations. Only 16% of executives are confident that their data is fit for the business purposes for which it is used. Further complicating the issues facing today’s data-driven organizations is the diminished confidence in the quality and integrity of master and reference data due to the lack of enterprise level Data Governance. You need confidence in your data to achieve your intended business outcomes - you need an effective data governance program.

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Data Migration

Data is one of the most important assets of an organization. When we move that data to benefit the organization through new landscapes and processes we incur risk. Risk in the form of failing to meet a timeline, failing to achieve a certain level of harmonized data through cleansing and consolidation, or failing to have production-ready data on the day of go-live. Method360 can reduce those risks drawing from their extensive experience in driving and implementing data strategies.

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Reporting & Visualizations

Method360’s reporting & visualization experts focus on building solutions around meeting business needs, creating the right data stories, and utilizing modern and proven implementation methodologies against a heterogeneous group of BI technologies. We partner with our clients to offer practical solutions and support their BI deployment objectives and enable actionable decisions.  

Method360’s reporting & visualization experts focus on developing business outcomes by creating the right effective data stories, utilizing the latest tools from all of the leading visualization technology providers.  Method360 enables data stories with information that is easy to understand and navigation that is intuitive to enable exploration.

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