Data Migration

Don’t Let Your Data Migration Project Fall Victim to the Statistics

The statistics for data migration projects paint a dismal picture:

  • 80% of data migrations efforts fail or significantly exceed their timeline and/or budget.
  • Over half of all ERP projects are considered “challenged” in part to data quality issues.
  • Migration projects on average cost 30% more than their expected budget.
  • Migration Projects on average overrun their schedule by 41%.
  • An alarming 80% of organizations will underestimate the costs related to data acquisition task by an average of 50%

Your migration doesn’t need to fall victim to the mistakes of the past. Method360’s proven experience with data and best practices for migration reduce your overall costs, enhance data quality results and enable your migration to be executed on schedule. Whether you're contemplating data readiness to prepare for S4/HANA, planning your migration to a Snowflake data warehouse or flying your data to a business app in the cloud, Method360 experts bring the necessary experience and processes to make your data migration a success.

Dive deeper with Data Migration

Want to dive deeper? Contact us for a session to work closely with one of our experts to discuss your migration scope and objectives. Based on the information gathered, Method360 will prepare a memorandum of advice that specifies considerations around tools, approaches, accelerators and critical success factors founded on 20 years of experience in data.

Data Migration Services

Planning and Strategy

Project planning and preparation to enable your organization to move forward efficiently with a proven approach towards your target system. Obtain comprehensive estimates for timeline, staffing requirements and cost of project.

Data Assessments and Readiness

Evaluate the quality of your data. Understand the impacts of quality exceptions. Develop Data Quality Mitigation Plans to enable the intended outcomes of a post-migration target system.

Technical Migration Services

Following validation of all project preparations steps, Method360 will have technical migration experts and application experts execute all necessary steps to perform migration services to your new system.

Post Migration Optimization Services

Review application configuration. Efforts to further reduce system size, complexity and promote enhanced levels of scale and flexibility. Optimize the data orchestration, data model and associated interfaces and demonstrate integration of analytical data models.