Data Governance

Data governance is about optimizing the value of data to meet an organization’s objectives while enabling adherence to regulatory requirements and managing the related risk. A number of firms provide management consulting services to educate you on the “how to” of proper data governance while others deliver the necessary technical skills to deploy a software solution to support it. What really separates Method360 from most in the field is our ability to do both. Leveraging Method360’s Advisory and Foundational Enablement services an organization can understand its data, its reliances on data, how to verify and validate its data quality, how to manage master and reference data and how to effectively manage the lifecycle of data and enforce data retention policies.

  • Data Quality
  • Data Standardization and Cleansing
  • Common Language
  • Information Lifecycle Management and Data Retention 

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Data Quality

Data Quality exists when data is fit for purpose. To measure data quality there needs to be understanding of purpose, awareness of data meaning and usage, and measurement of data quality. If anyone of these ingredients are missing there is a problem. Method360 Advisory and Foundational Enablement services are here to identify which capabilities you need, which capabilities you have and chart your path forward to fortify you to meet your intended outcomes. 

Common Language

The power of a common language between different organizational departments (and within) is a necessary bridge in communication when identifying meaning of business objectives, meaning of requirements, and meaning of data to meet those requirements. Does this bridge exist in your organization? Can it be better? Method360 Advisory services can assess and understand where your common language is sufficient and where faults exist.

Data Standardization and Cleansing

Duplicate records, invalid information, and poor data authorship processes can impact your business. Risking business processes based on poor data is completely avoidable through Data Standardization and Cleansing services by Method360.

Master and Reference Data Management

With excellent master data comes the potential to join data across the enterprise. Unfortunately, having a system with the acronym MD in it isn’t going to cure your master data challenges by itself. An understanding of the processes for authorship, the validations to ensure data quality requirements are met, and ultimately the requirements for data accessibility and syndication needs to be captured and an appropriate strategy put together. The experience Method360 brings in driving data strategies and implementing them will enable you to cure your master data challenges.  

Information Lifecycle Management

A policy-based approach to managing the flow of an information system’s data throughout its life cycle: from creation and initial storage to the time when it becomes obsolete and is deleted.