Data Architecture

Creating a bad data architecture is easy, which is evidenced by many organizations having complex and opaque data architectures. With the deluge of data, from a volume and velocity perspective - quintabytes daily, from a variety perspective - structured and unstructured - video, from a veracity and value perspective - knowing what's valid for intended business uses, from countless diverse sources and technical landscapes has resulted in a pandemic of data silos and reliance on tacit tribal knowledge. To excel and be competitive takes a solid foundational data architecture that effectively supports your business objectives, as dynamic as they might be, with the right technology and architecture. To design and build that data architecture takes experience, understanding and effort. Let’s get busy breaking down your silos, building the right data architecture foundation and enabling your agility and capability to respond to your business demands.

Get There with Method360

To achieve intended business outcomes requires a holistic approach leveraging the value of your data assets. Method360 Data Architecture services assess your current state data management capabilities and identifies the desired future state. We assess your processes, organization, applications, technology, data usage, accessibility, and integration and compare them with your key current and upcoming critical business objectives. We partner with you to create a roadmap that fits your organization as a path to Get-There.