The way in which data is acquired, stored, integrated, prepared, analyzed and governed has changed over time and understanding how to effectively leverage this asset is key to success in the digital world. Our Advisory-led approach coupled with our sector-relevant solutions, innovative tools and leading practices have generated positive outcomes for hundreds of Method360 engagements. Our tenured, proven and highly knowledgeable consulting team provides support from strategy to execution and from expansion to extension which is why clients continue to turn to Method360 to support their Data, Analytics and AI journey. 


Business Value Engineering

As companies seek to leverage data – be it internal, external, structured, or unstructured – to increase operational efficiency, improve profitability, and increase market share, having clearly defined, agreed upon and socialized goals is critical.  What are the insights you hope to obtain? What are you looking to measure? What do you hope to achieve?  These questions must be answered before you start the journey, otherwise you will not arrive where anticipated, and your return on investment (ROI) expectations may be unrealized.  


Method360 Advisory professionals help our clients establish a set of prioritized use cases at the functional-area level will ensure clarity and strategic guidance for each data, analytics or AI initiative and provide success criteria for measuring accomplishments. Use cases help create business cases that provide both IT and the business a common framework to address the ROI questions expected from organizational leadership to investors.

Maturity & Readiness Assessments

Method360 works with clients, leveraging proprietary tools and techniques, to create a framework for organizational preparedness and provide a maturity analysis to set a baseline prior to engaging in any Data, Analytics or AI initiative. We focus on infrastructure, people, political, ethical and strategic considerations needed to deploy effective and sustainable Analytics and AI. Having a firm foundational understanding of where an organization stands enables us to chart an effective path forward to achieve organizational objectives. 


Method360 assessments are performed through a series of on-site and remote workshops and client interviews.  In partnership with your team, these assessments will allow us to develop a high-level road map for next steps including near-term and final deliverables. Businesses will have a better understanding of the capabilities, risks and opportunities as it applies to their long-term vision.

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Strategy & Roadmap Services

If the long-term success of any data management undertaking is to be ensured, the focus must be on the near-term success of the current initiative, while simultaneously keeping sight of long-term strategic goals. Method360 Advisory professionals work with clients to review current state (technical, political, cultural), understand aspirational goals and objectives, determine gap analysis, and put a roadmap in place for near-term and long-term value. Having a robust and agreed-upon strategy in place is paramount to the success of any data initiative and our team will assess all aspects of readiness and maturity and tailor our recommendations and roadmap to fit the specific needs and current and future capabilities of our client.  


Method360 brings a Data Strategy blueprint, plan and methodology to each engagement and looks across these core components of data strategy - identify, platform, provision, transform, and govern.

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Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

With a more data-centric society, consumer confidence in an organization’s ability to protect personal data becomes paramount. Government regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) carry heavy financial penalties and risk to an organization’s reputation. A patchwork of point solutions can leave an organization vulnerable to breaches— potentially leading to fines, costly redevelopment efforts, and a battered share price.  Method360 views regulations like GDPR and CCPA opportunities for our clients – not burdens.


Method360 provides our clients with guidance and support to create a comprehensive data-protection strategy. Recognizing that no two organizations’ strategies are identical, and the approach that each one takes (personnel, processes, and technology) will evolve over time, our Advisory professionals work with clients to identify potential threats, strengthen compliance standards, integrate data privacy into core systems, and develop standard procedures for gathering, identifying, classifying, and securely discarding customer data.