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SAPPHIRE Day Two – The Intelligent Enterprise leveraging enterprise analytics Inbox


The day saw significant discussion on the “Intelligent Enterprise” that yesterday’s opening keynote had introduced with integrated enterprise analytics. From the Hasso Plattner’s keynote to floor sessions, SAP demonstrated with SAP Leonardo technologies and SAP Analytics for Cloud making analytics software easier to use, through simplifying the user interface, leveraging machine learning with its predictive learning for analytical insights and adding natural language query (NLQ). Also demonstrated were seamless integration with workflow from analytical insights gathered in SAP Analytics for Cloud (SAC) to Receivables collection, Payables approval, optimizing discount analytics, and travel expense management.

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SAP announced over 150 connectors for SAP Cloud Platform including Salesforce, ServiceNow, and even Oracle NetSuite. SAP also announced an Android SDK, which joins the one already created for Apple’s iOS.  SAP also announced that SAP Analytics for Cloud is now available on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), which joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure as a major public cloud on which SAP Cloud Platform runs. And customers who want SAP Cloud Platform without what they may perceive as risks of multi-tenant environments can do so on IBM’s cloud.  There were several discussion sessions that recognize that nearly all companies expect to be multi-cloud landscaped and SAP is responding to the customer need for SAC to be tenant neutral.

Link to SAP Press Release:

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