We enjoyed sponsoring the recent Snowflake User group event in San Francisco on October 17th. This session promoted collaboration on best practices, data management tips, and networking with new, old and interested San Francisco Snowflake community. Bing Chen and Blake Duggan presented with our client, Bio-Rad, and discussed how they used Snowflake to power their digital and analytics goals.  Whether you are just starting out with Snowflake, a veteran user, or interested in learning more about Snowflake's modernized data platform solution, complete the form to learn more.


Want to learn more?

If you missed the event and would like to learn more or schedule a private 30 minute webinar for your extended team, please complete the form below. 

All qualified registrations will receive a copy of our Snowflake best practices accelerators for: 1) Establishing velocity and agility inside your Snowflake deployment, and 2) Deploying real-time operational reporting in Snowflake for SAP ERP data sources.