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Delivering trusted data when, where and how it’s needed.

In today’s digital economy companies are finding ways to collect, transform and connect data in ways never Imagined. This has created an exciting, yet concerning business environment for established enterprises. Never before was it so possible for a startup to appear from seemingly nowhere to completely disrupt long-standing business models. And how are they doing it? Simply put, with quality data.

There is little question that data has become one of the most strategic assets of any company. Let the Information Management data experts at Method360 ensure your organization has access to the highest quality data when, where and how it is needed to gain a strategic advantage.

Our Information Management team is focused on providing SAP customers with the strategy and deployment capabilities necessary to support their data provisioning, quality, governance and migration initiatives.

Delivering a Complete Enterprise Information Management Solution


Data Provisioning

Discover how the latest technologies and best practices simplify processes to enrich, cleanse, transform and deliver data from disparate sources into meaningful, trusted information and make it available when, where and how it is needed.
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Data Quality

We make it easy to discover, cleanse and integrate enterprise data so you may achieve desired business outcomes. Let our experts show you how to improve and maintain the quality of your most valuable data assets.
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Data Governance

Establish a strategy that builds upon your current state to support the future vision for data governance policies and processes and understand the recommended technologies to support it.
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Data Migrations

Let the data migration experts at Method360 help you prevent your migration project from becoming one of the almost 80% that fail to meet their timeline, budget or business objective.
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Providing the SAP Community with Thought Leadership in Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Method360 literally wrote the book on SAP Information Management.  A third of all SAP Press’s existing books covering the topic of Information Management have been authored by Method360’s Information Management Practice’s experts.


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