Data Quality

Two out of five business objectives under perform due to poor data quality.

We make it easy to discover, cleanse and integrate enterprise data so you may achieve desired business outcomes.

Enterprise applications, big data, cloud solutions, mobile, social media, sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all contributing to unprecedented volumes of data being created at an accelerated pace. With so many sources and systems, data is often incomplete; full of misspellings, redundancies, or duplicate records – all of which is hampering your ability to perform business processes effectively and make timely accurate decisions.

So what’s the answer? Companies must learn how to improve and maintain the quality of their most valuable data assets. This is where the Information Management experts at Method360 can assist. We teach you how to put the right people, processes and technologies in place that allow you to identify, prioritize, measure and improve the quality of data to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Data Quality Assessment Workshop (1-day)

Our Information Management team works closely with business subject matter experts to help identify data anomalies and the impacts that bad data has on your business. We then explore how your business can benefit from developing reusable business rule reporting and monitoring. Learn More >



Data Quality Services

Our data quality services are focused on enabling your organization to build the skills and infrastructure needed for an ongoing data quality management program.  We will teach the fundamentals needed to implement repeatable processes that address existing data quality issues, and also integrate data quality best practices into new business initiatives We teach you all of the necessary steps from initial data definition and discovery through monitoring and messaging.

Method360’s Data Quality Management Process

Data Definition & Discovery
Locating, documenting and reporting of the different data sources used within the business. Record metadata and data ownership.
Data Quality Exception Inventory
List of data exceptions that fail to pass an explicit or tacit defined business rule.
Understand and document the financial and business impact of each data quality exception.
Ensure that efforts are focused on areas that most adversely affect the greatest benefit.
Root Cause Analysis
Identify the root cause for each data quality exception and develop and implement the business and technical rules required to maintain data quality.
Establish a baseline data quality snapshot and define measurements.
Remediate & Improve
Initial cleansing of data and ongoing correction of data quality exceptions.
Monitoring & Messaging
The ongoing monitoring and reporting used to track data quality exceptions will promote effectiveness of the program.

Your data’s dirty little secrets are impacting every aspect of your business.

Customers – Poor data quality is often found to be the root cause of underperforming marketing, sales, order fulfillment and customer service efforts.  Customers today have more options than ever and failing to provide the best possible customer experience will financially impact your company.

Employees – In today’s data driven environment, your employees depend on enterprise data to perform their jobs.  Failing to invest in quality data is setting your employees up to fail, causing labor to be misspent and unnecessary frustration that, over time, deteriorates employee morale.

Suppliers –  An inability to accurately track supplier data can lead to poorly negotiated contracts and breakdowns in the supply chain. With organizations sharing data with many of their business partners, this also opens up the risk in damaging the company’s reputation within the industry.

Operations – The opportunities for poor quality data to adversely affect the operational efficiency of an organization are countless.  They result in delays in production cycles, over or under stock of inventory, delayed or dropped customer shipments, inefficient sales performance along with errors in accounting, all risking adverse financial impact.

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Method360’s experts help you explore the industry leading Enterprise Information Management software from SAP


SAP Information Steward

Monitor, analyze, and improve data integrity. The solution combines data profiling and metadata management tools to provide you with continuous insight into the quality of your enterprise information.


SAP Data Services

Delivers a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text data processing that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to critical business processes.


SAP Agile Data Prep

A self-service data preparation application providing data discovery, integration, and transformation capabilities. Built with all types of users in mind – Helps you drive more successful analytics, data migration, and master data management (MDM) initiatives.

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