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Method360 shows you how to leverage technology and integration architecture to enrich, cleanse, transform and deliver data from disparate sources into meaningful, trusted information and make it available when, where and how it is needed.

Start delivering trusted timely information for your critical business initiatives.

The goal of superior data provisioning is trusted and timely data delivery. Unfortunately many data provisioning processes have been designed and built with unnecessary complexities and inefficiencies, resulting in decreased reliability. Method360 solutions increase the reliability of processes and improve total cost of ownership.

Let our experts show you how to put in place an enterprise level integrated data management system built with SAP and non-SAP technologies. Method360 has seasoned experts in the latest data provisioning technologies:

SAP Technologies: Data Services, Smart Data Integration (SDI), HANA Cloud Integration (HCI), HANA Smart Data Streaming, SLT, PI/PO/XI.
Non-SAP Technologies: IBM InfoSphere (DataStage) and WebSphere, SoftwareAG webMethods, Informatica PowerCenter, Abinitio, Microsoft SSIS

Method360’s Data Provisioning Process

Enabling an organization to have data where and when the organization needs it in the most efficiently way possible requires a robust integration system with well thought out design patterns, standards and simplicity.
“Why replicate or persist data?” is a question that is asked by our integration architects to ensure the associated cost of having another copy of data is outweighed by a corresponding benefit.
Transformations need to be performant to enable timeliness and built in a transparent method to foster understanding of data derivation.
Cleanse, Match & Enrich
Enabling the best data requires an organization to have in place capabilities to cleanse, match and harmonize data.
Our solutions are built adhering to principles to enable transparency, reuse, agility, decreased TCO and resilience

Are you ready for SAP Smart Data Integration?

Smart Data Integration (SDI) – Readiness Workshop

During this ½ day no cost risk free workshop your team will gain knowledge on how SAP Smart Data Integration will improve data provisioning in your organization. Learn More >


Three new data services now included with


On the SAP HANA platform, beginning with SP09, you now have access to three new services:

HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI)

Provides much of the same data integration functionality found in current SAP Data Services. While there are some gaps within the two products, these will most likely be included in the near future.


HANA Smart Data Quality (SDQ)

Provides much of the same functionality found with Data Quality within SAP Data Services. Some limited missing functionality is expected to be included with future releases.


HANA Smart Data Streaming (SDS)

Allows for processing of high-velocity, high-volume event streams in real time and apply business logic and analysis to the streaming data and stores your results directly in SAP HANA.

SAP continues to make significant improvements to it’s HANA Smart Data Integration and Data Quality Products (SDI and SDQ). However, the significant product enhancements and functionality overlap with existing SAP products has left some customers wondering which SAP data provisioning product is the best for them. Let the Information Management experts at Method360 help you navigate the SAP product roadmap and determine the best option for your company.

The Go To Experts for SAP SDI & SDQ

Method360 literally wrote the book on SAP SDI and SDQ in way of Data Provision and Cleansing with SAP HANA SDI and SAP HANA SDQ written by Method360 co-founder James Hanck, Cheri Mallory, Director of Information Management Services and Paul Médaille, Director Solutions Management, Enterprise Information Management at SAP Labs, LLC.

SAP HANA is nothing without good data. In this E-Bite, learn how to use SAP HANA EIM (enterprise information management) functionalities to load and cleanse data. Follow step-by-step instructions to set up adapters to establish connectivity. Build flowgraphs for altering and cleansing data with SAP HANA Studio. Then, see how transforms can process your data through joins, sorting, geocoding, and more. SAP HANA SDI and SDQ: Avoid fast trash!
Available at


Many companies are in the process of deploying Big Data platforms to support the increased business demand of data centric capabilities.  Data provisioning is one of the most crucial and often the most complex activities associated with these types of initiatives.  From identification and consolidation of data of the many disparate systems, to the ensuring the requisite data quality that drive critical business processes, Method360 helps you take full advantage of your investment.

Let our experts help you explore the industry leading Enterprise Information Management software from SAP


SAP Smart Data Integration & Smart Data Quality

Deliver data provisioning processes at incredible performance levels. Go batch or real-time, go on-prem or hosted, one system, HANA SDI and SDQ.


SAP Data Services

Delivers a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text data processing that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to critical business processes.


SAP Agile Data Prep

A self-service data preparation application providing data discovery, integration, and transformation capabilities. Built with all types of users in mind – Helps you drive more successful analytics, data migration, and master data management (MDM) initiatives.

Customer Spotlight

Building a World Class Data Integration Hub for the World’s Largest Oil & Gas Company.

Business Challenge

The world’s largest Oil & Gas company was challenged with the way they were provisioning data to support numerous applications to support large complex global operations. Existing processes were requiring needless reoccurring cleansing and transfer of data to take place every time a new team or application wanted to use data. Quite often business rules for cleansing and transformation of data, the same data, were being implemented with slight differences, leading to data inconsistencies along with loss of data transparency.


SAP teamed up with Method360’s Information Management team to design and deploy a solution built upon SAP Smart Data Integration (SDI) that would greatly simplify the current data provisioning processes. Eliminating the need to duplicate provisioning efforts while increasing data consistency and transparency. Method360 executed a four week POC of the solution to demonstrate the viability and value of SAP Smart Data Integration (SDI).


Following completion of POC, client approved a data provisioning and architecture development project. The project was delivered utilizing resources from both SAP Services and Method360. The solution will leverage SAP HANA, SAP Smart Data Integration (SDI), Smart Data Quality (SDQ) and Agile Data Preparation (ADP). The project provides for data maintenance (leveraging ADP) and transparent data cleansing, data harmonization and data transformation and enrichment for defined and identified data sources.

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