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Method360’s data governance experts help you implement the data management business processes and technologies required for your organization to establish a successful data governance program.

Enterprise Data Governance Programs that Work.

A number of firms provide management consulting services to educate you on the “how to” of proper data governance while others deliver the necessary technical skills to deploy a software solution to support it. What really separates Method360 from most of the field is our ability to do both.

Our experienced data governance teams understand what makes a data governance program work. We go beyond providing the “how to” of data governance by mentoring and working with you to design and implement the data management business processes, organizational structures and leading technology you need to establish or improve your data governance program.


Take the first step to initiating or improving an existing Data Governance program.

Data Governance Assessment & Education – Workshop

During this ½ day, no cost, risk free workshop your team will gain knowledge on successful methods to initialize and maintain a successful Data Governance Program within your organization. We will review and discuss the main pillars of a Data Governance framework as well as key drivers and benefits . Learn More >


Our Experts Bridge the Divide Between Business & IT

Effective Data Governance requires Business and IT departments to work together. Method360 works across the entire enterprise to facilitate your data governance program. We help put in place the right people, processes and technology required for your company’s success.


Business Units

Often business executives are the first to engage Method360 for data governance expertise, to establish better data quality and access to data, for improved operations, reporting and analysis.


IT Department

With an unprecedented volume of data being generated from disparate internal and external data sources, business users are requesting that IT departments support data governance initiatives and better data management business processes.

Data Governance Strategy

Have the experienced data governance experts at Method360 evaluate your current program and develop an “as is” and “to be” analysis, mapping your current process against best practices, while taking into consideration requirements that are unique to your business.

Establish a strategy that builds upon your current state to support the future vision for data governance policies and processes and understand the recommended technologies to support it.

Establish, Expand or Improve Your organization’s data governance program

It is estimated that more than 70% of organizations have implemented a data governance program. Most of these programs strive to meet data compliance and regulations, along with improving overall quality of the data used by the business. However, many programs are underperforming and not meeting expectations. Method360 offers specific services designed to establish, expand and improve your organization’s data governance program.

Key Activities of Data Governance Implementations/Improvement Processes

Data management business process design and improvement
  • Provide guidance on how to define and maintain a common business language
  • Define or improve business processes for defining and implementing data policies and standards
  • Define or improve business processes for enforcing data standards, to improve data entry, master data management or data integration
  • Provide a roadmap to establish data governance for a project or initiative, enforcing data policies and standards
  • Communication and change management strategy
  • Establish best practices to quantify the business value associated with better data
  • Establish or improve data quality monitoring, profiling, analysis and issue mitigation processes
Organizational change
  • Mentor data governance leadership to provide program oversight
  • Facilitate, set expectations and cadence for data governance council meetings
  • Identify data stewards and subject matter experts
  • Create data governance onboarding and value proposition collateral
  • Evaluate and recommend technology to support data governance and data quality business processes, including data glossary/taxonomy, data quality monitoring and master data management
  • Mentor data analysts in data quality best practices, including data quality monitoring, profiling, and issue mitigation


Master Data Management

For years software solutions have been introduced for Master Data Management however, many have resulted in less than desirable results. The key to successful management of Master Data is a combination of software and a well-implemented Data Governance program.

The Information Management experts at Method360 demonstrate how to effectively create, distribute and maintain accurate master data that provides the enterprise with a single version of the truth for better business decisions.

Featured SAP Software Solutions

SAP Information Steward
Allows organizations to understand and analyze how data quality is impacting their business. Let our Information Management experts work with you to explore how SAP Information Steward can:
  • Facilitate collaboration between Business and IT staff
  • Discover, understand and catalog enterprise data
  • Define consistent data rules and establish and track ownership
  • Assess overall data quality
  • Improve data quality and governance
  • Continuously monitor data quality
SAP Data Services
Delivers a single enterprise level solution for data integration, transformation, data quality, and data proofing and text data processing. SAP Data Services provide for:
  • Deployment of trusted data information platform using data integration, data transform and data profiling.
  • Increased productivity and reduced cost from using a single solution for data quality and data integration.
  • Reduced risk with consistent, high quality information
SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI)
Imbeds data provisioning within HANA, removing the need for previously used tools to load data. The solution provides a huge performance boost from in-memory processing.
  • Supports federated, batch and for some data sources real-time data integration.
  • Offers built in adaptors for common data sources.
  • Open framework and SDK that allows for integration with any data source.
  • Simplified with Federation, Replication and Transformation, all within the SAP HANA platform
SAP HANA Smart Data Quality (SDQ)
Integrates some functions of data quality natively into SAP HANA.
  • Cleanse person, firm and address data
  • Geocoding to enrich address data with latitude and longitude information
  • Parse, standardize, validate, correct and enhance person, firm, address in single transformation in HANA
  • Breakthrough performance with in-memory data quality services
SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)
Consolidate and centrally govern your master data across the enterprise. Becomes the central repository for single version of truth. Verifies Data, protects data, and ensures new or changed data gets to the right people.
  • Provides reliable data to be used across the enterprise.
  • Supports both on-premise & cloud data sources.
  • Supports a collaborative workflow process to integrate business rules and subject matter expertise.
  • Consolidates master data from SAP and non-SAP systems to create a single best record
  • Provide audit trail of when, why and who made changes to master data.

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