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Free Finance Planning System Workshop!

Your chance to score some free consulting

By Graham Jordan

The first steps toward transforming your Finance department’s planning systems can sometimes be the most dangerous part of your journey.

Gone are the days when Excel workbooks were the only option for putting together your Budget and Forecast. Today there are many more finance planning and reporting systems out there, but how do you determine which one is right for you?

There is a lot to take into consideration:

  • -Are you a current SAP, Oracle, SQL user?
  • -Are you committed to using an Excel-based solution?
  • -Would you rather move your planning models and user interface to the cloud?

Also, business system landscapes can be extremely complex:

  • -Which solution has the best integration features for your existing landscape?
  • -How will you know which software will be supported in the future?
  • -Is there a fast way to convert your specific system to newer technology?

You could be making a HUGE mistake by choosing a finance planning system just based on what a salesperson is telling you. The smart move is to get professional, impartial advice from a team that has been building these systems for decades (that’s us).

During our Finance Planning System Workshops we gather key stakeholders from your company, identify the critical requirements that make your needs different from other implementations, then we’ll deliver recommendations to you about the best path forward.

Contact us today to schedule a free Finance Planning System Workshop make sure that the first steps on your journey are great ones!

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