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Deep Dive into SAP Lumira Designer Edition

To learn more about the future of SAP Lumira and Discovery Products and how it fits into your roadmap, read our recent whitepaper

For this blog we will be discussing Lumira Designer Edition. Lumira Designer Edition is SAP’s solution to developing data visualization applications and creating interactive mobile-ready dashboards. The latest version of Lumira Designer Edition as of this article’s posting is Lumira 2.1. Lumira Designer Edition going forward will be the flagship tool for this solution, replacing Design Studio. SAP plans to end support for Design Studio’s latest version (version 1.6) by December of 2018. We suggest if you are currently using Design Studio to plan and execute migration before the end of support. The transition from one tool to the other is simple with Lumira Designer Edition having the same UI as its predecessor.

Difference between Design Studio and Lumira Designer

The biggest difference between the two products is that Design Studio is a standalone product and has its own server, and requires its own specific BI Platform add on connection. Lumira Designer is integrated with Lumira Discovery, where they share a BIP add on, and server reducing the maintenance for both tools. Meaning: when you need to do a version update for them you only have to do one update. Another difference is that SAP has harmonized these tools, making stories created in Discovery to be extended into Designer.

In summary:
  • Tool integration from a standalone to a two-in-one BIP add on.
  • Harmonization/interoperability with two different solutions.
Design Studio to Lumira Designer transition

Lumira Designers has a conversion tool that converts Design Studio 1.6 applications into Lumira documents. Lumira gives you two options for conversion of your old documents:

Option 1: Run on legacy/compatible mode (which will not use Lumira 2.x new features and keep them how they are)

Option 2: Use Lumira’s conversion tool to convert your 1.6 design studio applications new application in 2.0 (.lumx) based off the SPIU5.m library. This will allow for your applications to use the new Lumira features.

Note: This tool will only work on Design Studio applications that on the latest version(1.6)

Key Features

Lumira Designer has some very cool features that make it competitive with other BI development tools, including:

  • Compatibility with the BI platform and other SAP products/data sources.
  • Redesigned bookmarks feature
  • Improved application mobility
  • Upgraded mapping
  • Similar Design Studio UI for easy transition
  • Easy to use UI for end users and administrators
  • Has optimized security access features to provide fluid but secure access to data.
  • Helps to integrate IT into the business in an easy manner. Giving IT the chance to deliver insights and analytic applications in one solution
Here are some of Lumira Designer’s key features/2.1 improvements:
  • Similar Layout as Design Studio
    • Great news for users who are used to the Design Studio layout.
  • Upgraded Mapping
    • Lumira has made mapping much easier, Lumira now has a default ESRI base map that uses clustering and data selection. This enhancement now decreases the amount of Java scripting users would have to do.
  • Technical Components
    • Technical Components are used heavily in Lumira designer and this feature allows users to schedule the delivery of reports, create bookmarks, conditional formatting, and export report.
  • Improved Mobility
    • Lumira provides more mobility with the adaptive layout container. These containers give the ability for the components within them to change resolution when the viewport changes.
  • Document creation
    • Documents creation has been adjusted to the file tab in the application window, making document creation a lot more intuitive.
  • Application list
    • Users now can view their bookmarks in a technical component called “Application List” where they can view their bookmarks on applications.
  • Scheduling
    • Scheduling is available for Lumira Designer documents from the BI Launchpad. Lumira Documents can now be either emailed or sent to an individual’s BI inbox.
  • Filtering improvements by threshold
    • Filtering has been enhanced so users can filter based on a manually created threshold.
  • Comments
    • A Comment Technical Component has been added, which will show on the BI platform. Users can either set them as private or global.
  • Export to pdf Improvements
    • PDF export now has the “fit to page” function.

To learn more about the future of SAP Lumira and Discovery Products and how it fits into your roadmap, read our recent whitepaper

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