Data Orchestration

Business Challenge(s):

Our client had numerous data provisioning processes to and from suppliers, customer, industry 3rd party data curators, and government compliance authorities containing everything from pricing and rebate programs, to which category of drug is where.  A tremendous amount of moving parts and dependencies needed to work in perfect harmony to keep more than one third of the United States pharma moving from supplier to business to consumer.  Unfortunately, when everything was not working in perfect harmony, there were consequences in the form of SLA penalties, lost sales and even governmental action.  The client needed a solid Data Foundation with strong Data Orchestration capabilities to efficiently process huge data volumes with precision and accuracy.

Method360 Solution:

Partnering with the client, a process segmentation exercise was performed.  The key deliverable was to initially provide the client with an inventory of formalized interdependencies. An assessment was performed to understand what technological pieces were pre-existing in the client’s ecosystem to carry out the requisite actions and where there were gaps. Data pipelines with data enrichment processes were designed and developed in small logical units of work.  Formalized interdependencies were applied against the logical units of work and processes to give notice early and often we implemented to ensure exception mitigation as-soon-as-possible.

Value for our Client:

  • Decreased exception rate and resultant SLA penalties
  • Increased the level of transparency for data flowing through the enterprise
  • Higher level of trust in the data and the business processes rely on it