Nutrition & Health Consumer Goods

SAP HANA Roadmap

Business Challenge(s):

Working with a world leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness Consumer Goods, with more than 300k employees and operations in almost every country. Method360 proved the capabilities necessary for deployment of an integrated solution built upon SAP Demand Signal Management (DSIM) powered by SAP HANA with key integration into Apache Hadoop.

Method360 Solution:

Method360 provided the much desired knowledge, best practices and real world experience to assist the organization with a strategy and operationalization that best met their short and long-term solution, as well as, aligned with the SAP HANA roadmap and an integration with their big data strategy.

Value for our Client:

  • Predict consumer demand by calculating product velocity
  • Identify new sales opportunities
  • More effectively manage retailer inventory
  • Drive agile responses by providing a basis for business forecasting & planning
  • Link suppliers to downstream data
  • Enhance promotion planning capabilities