Multinational US based Oil & Gas and Chemicals Corp

Data Strategy & Digital Data Hub

Business Challenge(s):

The client needed accurate clean customer and finance data with decision simulation for faster business insights. Key drivers were new levels of control for inventory reconsolidation, plant expenses, price details, and modeling effects of operational decisions. A complex data architecture severely limited consolidation of data across systems. A mix of regional and global systems and team spreadsheets limited analytic capabilities and implementing new solutions in this environment was very difficult and costly.

The company needed an innovative solution which could provide a sound foundation for future improvements.

Method360 Solution:

A cost-effective foundational data strategy with supporting tools to enable analytics, ERP roadmap, and long-term need for business agility.

Method360 introduced, designed, and then built a “Digital Hub” which classifies data into categories: persistent data physically stored in the hub, virtual data stored in source systems, and enhanced data with additional data attributes for expandability.

Value for our Client:

Integrated Data
Provide an integrated and flexible business data view not restricted by current applications designs

Data Usability
Expand data usability making easy to access data and extending the use of Analytics tools.

New Applications
Facilitate applications replacements by minimizing data requirements created by these changes.

Re-use of existing tools and by taking full advantage of new but available technology.