Large Medical Devices Company

Platform Modernization 

Business Challenge(s):

Our client was running an ERP data warehouse and BI suite of tools, coupled with other satellite data marts and reporting platforms based on various technologies. The fragmentation of applications, along with inconsistencies of data definitions, and the lack of responsiveness resulted in a high-cost, high-frustration, and under-productive analytics capability.

The client executive team recognized the need to modernize their data and analytics platform – creating a more agile landscape able to support not just structured data (ERP) but also semi-structured data (JSON) and unstructured data (IoT), and to do so at a much lower Total Cost of Ownership while improving overall data orchestration and analytics solution delivery.

Method360 Solution:

In close partnership with IT Leaders a cloud-first option was identified that supported real-time data replication from the ERP landscape but actively enabled its broader advanced analytics/data science strategy. The solution centered on a hyper-scalable data lake / data streaming capability (AWS), a modern data warehouse capability (Snowflake), and a robust ingestion and transformation framework (Attunity and Matillion), coupled with a BI self-service deployment actively led by the business teams.

Value for our Client:

Modern Data Ingestion/Orchestration Framework

Enabled a scalable approach for real-time and batch data ingestion from multiple data types (structured, semi-structure, and unstructured data sources)

Modern Data Warehouse Capabilities

Enabled a modern approach to support hyper-agile data modeling and the deployment of harmonized data-centric applications for self-service, and the foundational support of advanced AI/ML/DS goals.

Improved Responsiveness and Flexibility

An established framework for data pipeline re-use or extensions, up through the data layer and into broadly defined data views to business team agility. Early deployments showing 70%+ improvement in IT end-to-end delivery time to business users.