Global Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health Care and Consumer Products Company

Data Integration & Harmonization

Business Challenge(s):

Our client needed to offer new business services and analytics to its customers and internal business groups. Unfortunately, the data required to drive these new business services and analytics came from many disparate source systems with many different data structures. There was no readily effective way to satisfy the data requirements with the existing data foundation that didn’t involve extensive laborious manual intervention. These conditions resulted in a) values that required manual review and correction, b) violations of service level agreement timing and c) a lack of transparency and reliability of where their process had failed and if it would execute without issue on future executions.

Method360 Solution:

Method360 advisory professionals partnered with the client to understand the variances between their source systems. We conducted workshops to harmonize requisite data and standards for data across their business units and systems. We worked with their business and data subject matter experts to understand the business rules that had to be satisfied to ensure that the data was fit for the purposes for which it was being leveraged. The services provided by Method360 included data management advisory and data foundation development across IBM, Microsoft, webMethods and SAP. 

Value for our Client:

Method360 has significantly reduced the client's cost of ownership for supporting the integration between their disparate systems and increased the overall quality and timeliness of the provisioned data. Based on post engagement project activities, our client has well over 1,000 provisioning processes with 99.99% execution success.  Method360 also engaged this client in warranty support and the development of new data management processes to meet changing business requirements.