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BPC Is Not Dead: As SAP continues to promote SAP Analytics Cloud, what will happen to BPC?

SAP’s new browser based, cloud planning solution Analytics Cloud (aka SAC, read here for more info) has had an incredible year. There have been major innovations across the entire solution, including:

  • Enhanced integration features for both Import and Live connections
  • More visualization types and capabilities
  • Better calculation editor capability
  • Additional planning features, including Master Data creation on the fly
  • Planning integration with the Analysis for Office Excel add-in

In addition to solution improvements, SAP is making a big push on the sales side to incentivize customers to start ramping up their SAC environments.

All of this hype around SAC is causing our BPC customers to ask:

  • If SAC is so great, why would I implement BPC (BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation)?
  • I need to do a planning implementation this year. How do I choose between BPC and SAC?
  • Is BPC going away?

For those of you who are less familiar with BPC, let’s rewind a bit: SAP’s BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation solution has been around for almost 2 decades, and it has been incredibly successful with SAP customers because BPC provides highly customizable planning capabilities and also includes Financial Consolidations capability. Read here for more about BPC 11.

BPC is very commonly found at medium to large SAP customers, where a main selling point has been native integration with SAP BW, and now S/4HANA. But with SAC building momentum, where does BPC fit in? The short answer is: it depends on your business requirements.

If you need to perform financial consolidations, or if you have comprehensive BPC capability already implemented, it makes a lot of sense to continue onward with BPC.

Also, businesses that have requirements to avoid data replication at all costs can achieve that with BPC.


A third option, which has provided a lot of value to customers, is to implement a hybrid approach: adding SAC as a planning front end to complement a BPC implementation’s high performance and customized planning capabilities.

It takes some introspection to determine which approach is best for your business. Fortunately we at Method360 have decades of experience leading workshops that will help you decide your optimal approach.

Contact us today at to learn how to get started on your journey toward a world class planning and analytics system!


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