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BPC 11 SP4 Summary: Should You Upgrade?

By Graham Jordan

BPC 11 Service Pack 4 was released on April 27, 2018.

This SP contains 69 enhancement and bug fixes, all listed in the table below. Many of the notes are related to Consolidations errors.

Our standard recommendation is to use the highest patch level of the previous Service Pack, as newly released Service Packs can sometimes introduce new issues.

If you are running an earlier SP of BPC 11 and are encountering performance or functionality issues, we recommend an upgrade to SP4. Otherwise, continue using your current version.

Please contact us at if you need additional guidance on this topic.


SAP Component Name Note Description
BPC ’embedded model’ 2556069 Performance improvement for BPC (Embedded) Consolidation – Skip Check
Controls 2551202 Failed to run control sets with error “Errors when reading Filter”
Controls 2598920 Embedded BPC: control result is not correct once the Category type member is not selected
Consolidation 2593976 Incorrect result when Multiple currencies are placed in the setting of BCF and AT task sequence
Consolidation 2589778 Memory issue when running embedded BCF and account transformation
Consolidation 2568717 Not able to migrate journal to NW752
Consolidation 2585596 Enhance embedded ic-booking to only trigger ic-data
Consolidation 2570004 No data eliminated when length of hierarchy name for account dimension is greater than 20
Consolidation 2492528 A trouble-shooting tool for BPC task sequence at backend
Consolidation 2588081 The sequence of the newly created business rule changed after saving
Consolidation 2530114 Elimination and Adjustment execution by package according to a user-defined dimension
Consolidation 2550548 Run currency translation by package according to a user-defined dimension
Consolidation 2424631 New currency conversion calculation logic is available.
Consolidation 2573400 BPC Elimination or FX translation failed
Consolidation 2573465 Missing Group/Entity descriptions in Consolidation Monitor
Consolidation 2575946 Enhance embedded carry-forward to support parent members of entity dimension
Consolidation 2573356 Duplicated values are generated when running matrix elimination
BPC/4 2576050 Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0 version for SAP BW/4HANA in Standard Model, some standard user are wrongly counted as professional user
BPC/4 2608555 SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0 SP03 Patch02, version for SAP BW/4HANA
BPC/4 2603235 [Internal only] BPC 11 – SP03 Patch01 – Internal Test
BPC/4 2609948 Code change for checkman
BPC/4 2580174 Metadata cache is not hitted if query metadata with multiple filters
BPC/4 2594531 Deleted member data is still alive in the master data
BPC/4 2585082 Issue with case sensitive environment name
BPC/4 – Business Process Flow 2556573 Performance enhancement in my activity in BPF runtime for standard model
BPC/4 – Business Process Flow 2577387 Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0 version for SAP BW/4HANA in Standard Model, BPF activity of “Reject” status is not correctly grouped in process monitor page
BPC/4 – Business Process Flow 2609384 Fix checkman problem  for SP04
BPC/4 – Business Process Flow 2572707 Each Process Instance has been shown several times in my activity page for standard model
BPC/4 – Controls 2565320 Check breakdown dimensions when selecting locking dimensions for control
BPC/4 – Controls 2611254 Fix checkman issues in UJCTRL package
BPC/4 – Journals 2596965 Can not see journal template content after transport
BPC/4 – Journals 2591136 Post journal with error if have 0INFOPROV dimension in the model
BPC/4 – Business Rules and Consolidation 2597611 Failed to delete rules in rule list page
BPC/4 – Business Rules and Consolidation 2571524 Add name validity check for business rule id
BPC/4 – Business Rules and Consolidation 2584214 Keep all modification in one rule when user creating a new rule and editing it without closing workspace
BPC/4 – Business Rules and Consolidation 2592611 Fail to vlidate method rule when change a rule’s method code
BPC/4 – Data Migration 2599174 Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0 version for SAP BW/4HANA Standard environment is not migrated by convertion task “SAP_BW4_AFTER_CONVERSION”
BPC/4 – Content Library 2580548 Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0 version for SAP BW/4HANA user favorite for multiple book section is not correclty migrated from BPC 10.0
BPC/4 – Content Library 2590447 Business Planning and Consolidation 11.0 version for SAP BW/4HANA in Standard Model, user without “Public” folder edit authority shall not be able to modify resources under public folder
NetWeaver Version 2585948 Error message has too much technical details
NetWeaver Version 2538556 FIM web service does not execute default logic when importing data to BPC
NetWeaver Version 2586027 Potential misuse of BPC HTTP responses
Admin 2554552 Get runtime error ‘UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION’ when doing migration for BPC dimensions
Admin 2559188 DAP causes error when accessing EPM AddIn in Excel
Admin 2581416 Option for audit information
Dimension Management 2569110 MDX statement error: Value for characteristic unknown when changing Large Hierarchies
Dimension Management 2587374 Master data in EPM Add-in are not updated after processing Dimension with custom BADI
Security 2571355 Improve performance of getting team list
Consolidation Central 2553867 Wrong currency opening rates are applied
Consolidation Monitor 2573408 Status of currency translation or consolidation keeps ‘Running’ if write-back BAdI is implemented
Controls Monitor 2381735 When using ‘Bypass LC in Ctrls’ Property Control Monitor is showing ‘Not Applicable’
Journals 2561003 Journal “Advanced Query” does not work when filtering “Created By”/”Posted By” with multiple users.
Journals 2526676 Transporting journal encounters error when multiple journal templates are defined on the model.
Journals 2577402 “Balanced by Entity/Currency” is not taking effect in journal post when balance dimension length is more than 12.
Journals 2583564 Save fails for unposted non-first journal in Journal Group with Auto Reverse flag
Journals 2556023 JRN_REOPEN_UI_CTRL and JRN_POST_OVERWRITE is not supported in BPC10.1
Journals 2561256 Add parameter JOURNAL_REFERENCE_SOURCE for journal description field
Journals 2583191 Unexpected zeros added on description of AR journal
Journals 2569934 When posting journal group, not all calculated journal entries are posted to cube
Controls 2565101 Get control result may fail when user choose not derive dimensions from work status
Data Manager 2587297 Master data hierarchy update from flat file and package link
Package Execution 2592445 ‘MAXREJECTCOUNT’ does not work when loading transaction data
File Service 2581931 Add feature for cleaning script logic logs
Miscellaneous 2561443 Dimension import result in incomplete or invalid hierarchy in Excel client.
Shared Query Engine 2583013 Error raised when measure formula was used in the member formula if HANA MDX enabled
Shared Query Engine 2546771 EPM Refresh does not work properly
Automatic Adjustment 2579916 The data are not calculated correctly in consolidation
Currency translation 2568241 Currency translation may encounter system dump
Work Status 2571293 Work Status does not work if the type of driving dimension is “GROUP(G)”.



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