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BPC 11 SP3 Summary: Should You Upgrade?

We break down the latest BPC 11 Service Pack

By Graham Jordan

BPC 11 Service Pack 3 was released on December 19, 2017.

This SP contains numerous bug fixes, here are some important highlights:

  • Note 2558026: All BW queries get deleted when a BPC model is deleted
  • Note 2560281: DrillThrough not working
  • Note 2555353: Saved chart is not equal to parent grid
  • Note 2550112: Performance issues using web reports
  • Note 2555928: Report amount doubled
  • Note 2503033: Embedded currency conversion errors
  • Note 2532748: Print and Export to File of Audit security system report are not working

These are just a few of the 150 notes addressed by SP3. Many of the notes are performance related.

Our standard recommendation is to use the highest patch level of the previous Service Pack, as newly released Service Packs can sometimes introduce new issues.

If you are running an earlier SP of BPC 11 and are encountering performance or functionality issues, we recommend an upgrade to SP3. Otherwise, continue using your current version.


Please contact us at if you need additional guidance on this topic.


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