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BPC 11 is here: What you need to know

BPC 11 is not just an upgrade, it’s a different product

By Graham Jordan 

The release of BW/4HANA in 2016 introduced great capabilities for S/4HANA users, but until now it was missing some crucial components: Planning and Consolidation capabilities designed specifically for BW/4HANA.

With the release of BPC 11, BW/4HANA now has fully developed Planning and Consolidation capabilities that are above and beyond prior versions of BPC. Highlights include:

  • Web worksheets are now available, allowing browser based planning and reporting, with multiple planning objects in one screen
  • Integration with SAP Analytics cloud means syncing plan data from end users who are purely cloud based
  • New customizable HTML5 interface which includes visualization capabilities and task navigation similar to Business Process Flows
  • Advanced performance achieved through HANA processing and Advanced Data Store Objects (aDSO, no longer InfoCubes or classic DSO)  
  • Standard and Embedded model choices are still available
  • Microsoft Excel integration still available with Analysis for Office and EPM interfaces


One key benefit to emphasize is that by integrating with SAP Analytics Cloud, BPC can directly utilize the Predictive Analytics functionality to generate new insights from Plan and Actuals data. Predictive Analytics is also helpful for uncovering the true drivers of business variance.


An important point to keep in mind is that BPC implementations directly on S/4HANA (not BW4/HANA) will still be considered as BPC 10.1, news has not been released yet as to whether BPC 11 will be compatible with S/4HANA in the future.

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