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Better BPC Performance, Now! Try Our BPC Tune-Up

A low-cost, quick way to get faster BPC refresh and save times.

By Graham Jordan, Trevor Gere, and Peter Casanova

SAP’s BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation is a powerful planning and reporting tool which can be highly customized to fit unique user needs. However, sometimes there can be a downside to building a system with high customization.

As developers add custom layouts, formats, and calculations to BPC Input Schedules and Reports, the systems can begin to suffer from: 

  • Slow save times
  • Slow refresh times
  • Instability of the Excel EPM plugin

When your system performs slowly, your business executes slowly. Each click, each refresh, each calculation for every planner in your department adds up to a huge amount of time spent in every close cycle.

For businesses who want to improve the performance of their existing BPC systems for the fraction of the cost of implementing a new system, we offer the BPC Tune-up service.

After our BPC Tune-up engagement, clients have benefited from improvement of save and refresh times averaging almost 40%

bpcblogIn some unique cases, save/refresh times have been improved by as much as 75%!  We also offer the implementation of a custom EPM toolbar, which offers shortcuts that BPC users need most.

bpcblog1                                                                                                                                       *Results from a prior BPC Tune Up client

Contact today to learn how to get your BPC Tune-up!

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