Reporting & Visualizations

Bring your data to life.

Method360’s reporting & visualization experts focus on developing business centric solutions by creating the right data stories, utilizing the latest tools from SAP and other leading technology providers.  We ensure that information is easy to understand, navigate and explore.

Developing the Right Reporting Strategy

Reporting Strategy Workshop – Free 1 Day Workshop

Let the experts at Method360 ensure your organization is prepared for and responding to the numerous technology changes that are profoundly impacting enterprise reporting, BI and analytics. Such disruptions include the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, the need to deploy BI Self Service and visualizations along with how to best navigating and incorporate the countless new reporting and analytics tools being brought to market.
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BI Self Service

Applying BI Self-Service in Today’s Data Driven Economy

Today’s business analyst want to consume data when, where and how they want to view it. IT departments must now deploy a reliable and manageable BI Self Service solution to facilitate these needs. Utilize Method360’s no risk FREE BI Self Service Workshop to help explore the best strategy for deploying a solutions that your user will love and you can easily maintain and manage.

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Telling Better Data Stories


A six-syllable word with a simple meaning – To provide users the opportunity to explore data in a manner that allows them to discover patterns, trends and correlations that might otherwise go undetected in text-based data.

Start Telling Better Data Stories Today

Report Visualization Workshop

Having trouble gathering visualization requirements from your business partners? Struggling to find the balance between great visualizations and analytical capabilities? Allow Method360 to facilitate a one-day free tool agnostic workshop where you will learn a simple methodology that streamlines the process and sets a foundation for your organization’s ‘visual language’ and effective story telling.
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SAP Digital Boardroom

Empower Your Executives

Leverage the vast BI and Analytics expertise of Method360 and SAP Digital Boardroom to empower your executives with real-time access to the key business drivers they need to effectively run the enterprise.
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The top four reasons driving organizations to deploy effective storytelling & visualizations?


Executive Insights Into Data

Executives and managers, benefit from immediate access to data that drives better business decisions. With the right strategy, today’s tools allow them to explore data, conduct valuable what-if scenarios, and find hidden trends by running their own visualizations.


Operational Efficiency

Business function managers require instant access to the changing business environment, allowing them to monitor and make adjustments that improve operational performance. Visualizations, particularly dashboards, are an important element to facilitate this ongoing process.


Smarter Finance, Budgeting & Forecasting

CFO’s and finance mangers regularly perform complex analytics to evaluate data and perform what-if scenarios to determine the financial impact and predict potential outcomes. A well executed BI Self Service and Visualization solution allows this group to perform more advanced analytics and easily share their findings.


Better Customer Insights

With so much customer centric data being generated both inside and outside an organization in social media and other third party providers, many departments within an organization can benefit from better understanding their existing and target customers. Visualizations of this data can be highly effective means of gaining customer insights that might otherwise be missed.

SAP BusinessObjects

Visualize your Data today with

Let the Analytics & Visualizations experts at Method360 assist in developing a strategy and the deployment of effective solutions built with SAP BusinessObjects that provide for enhanced data story telling through visualizations, real time BI, Mobile BI, and create an Agile BI environment that accelerates development cycles.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
Provide easy, self-service access to decision ready information with our BI platform.
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira
Quickly build beautiful data visualizations with just a few clicks.
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
Explore your business data at the speed of thought- anytime. anywhere
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office
Easily analyze, digest, and share data from multidimensional sources- in two environments
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis For OLAP
Easily analyze, digest, and share data from multidimensional sources- in two environments
SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
Create multidimensional dashboards and data visualizations for your BI apps
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
See your business clearly with powerful, interactive dashboard software
SAP Crystal Reports
Design and deliver meaningful reports based on data from virtually any source
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
Provide your business users with flexible, intuitive and hoc reporting tools, and interactive analytics
SAP BusinessObjects Mobile
Access your essential business intelligence reports – anytime, anywhere and on any device.
SAP BusinessObjects Live Office
Deliver up-to-the-minute business intelligence in Microsoft office documents
SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics
Bring predictive insight to everyone in your organization - across applications and mobile devices.


Tableau is changing the face of business by enabling everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, to unlock the power hidden in their data. Tableau enables quick data connections, visualization and sharing with a seamless experience. With its ease of use and rich set of BI, Analytics and Visualization capabilities, Tableau is finding its way into many organizations as the tool of choice for line-of-business users.

Many SAP customers rely upon Tableau to allow users to analyze, visualize and share information quickly and easily. As an official Tableau partner, we leverage this powerful tool within your SAP environment. Method360 is ready to assist you in gaining the most out of your investments by incorporating Tableau into a well thought-out and executed solution. We are prepared to assist your organization in providing data visualizations, deployment and best practices for integrating Tableau solutions into your SAP landscape.

QlikView Guided Analytics

With Qlik, you are able to explore data and discover the insights that answer your agile business needs. Share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere with Qlik.

Qlik Sense allows for self-service visualization and Discovery, allowing users to use drag-and-drop creation to produce smart interactive data visualizations. QlikView allows for guided analytics which provide for controlled explorations of dynamic data sets toward deeper discovery.


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