Advanced Analytics

and Method360

Leverage Method360, SAP HANA and Hadoop to build more intelligent solutions that allow your organization to unlock and take full advantage of the enormous volumes of data being created in the new digital economy. Analyze and act upon events as they happen, whether from social media, specialty sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) or enterprise data.

SAP Event Stream Processor

SAP Event Stream Processor

Let the Advanced Analytics team at Method360 help you discover how your organization can benefit from real time complex event processing (CEP) to analyze streaming real-time events as they are taking place, allowing you to take immediate actions. Develop new solutions with embedded CEP to maximize your organizations competitive advantage.

Using a solution developed with SAP HANA, Hadoop, specialty sensors and POS data, Method360 provided a major CPG with real-time insights as to when product is being selected from the shelf.
  • Monitor incoming event streams real-time for trends, patterns, and correlations – and take appropriate immediate actions.
  • Use alerts to notify business users of both opportunities and potential threats
  • Initiate automatic response to urgent situations
  • Ability to process millions of events per second and get results within milliseconds
  • Take full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Rapid development and deployment of complex data models
  • Integrate with existing applications using a wide range of interfaces
  • Collect, manage, filter, and digest data from any source

Text Analysis with SAP HANA

Unleash the power of unstructured data using text analysis with SAP HANA. Gain access to the 80 percent of enterprise information that originates in the form of unstructured data using native full text analysis. Not just a keyword search, but full linguistic and statistical techniques that give structure to unstructured content by applying entities such as people, companies, dates and times.
Analyze social media chatter and automate personalized responses. Or automate customer service replies to email and text requests.

Predictive Analytics

With Predictive Analytics and SAP HANA you not only understand what happed, but why, how and what might happen next. No longer just sense and respond but predict and act. Leverage the easy drag and drop interface to gain the full potential of R’s extensive library of statistical and data mining techniques along with SAP HANA’s predictive analytic library. Visualizations reveal valuable and hidden insights, such as discovering seasonality and cluster analysis across multiple quarters in mere seconds to drive higher profitability and growth.

SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

Enterprises can add greater location awareness across business data applications and processes. Enriching data with geospatial information allows the enterprise to gain whole new level of awareness and insights, acting upon a whole new set of situations related to location. For example, asset intensive industries have the ability to visualize business objects on a map, allowing for improved decision making.

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