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SAP BPC Solution Roadmap – Free Workshop

During this 1-day free workshop your team will explore the best possible BPC upgrade path that will support your business’s short and long-term objectives.

  • Examine and evaluate your business processes in order to develop a solution specific to your organization’s goals
  • Review common uses cases and methodologies
  • Identify key risk areas related to upgrade
  • Develop a upgrade roadmap that addresses your organization’s vision and objectives

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"We hired Method360 on an important visioning strategy project to help assess the existing business/IT environment. Their partnership proved to be a key ingredient to the successful delivery of this important business initiative."

Erik Goodman
Director, Global Financial Business Processes
Lam Research, Inc.

More About this Workshop

In order for an organization to make meaningful change to their financial management processes, you need a complete understanding of your enterprise, capability gaps, and how to leverage current and new technology. In order to address this complex landscape, we developed our ‘SAP BPC Solution Roadmap’ workshop. Along with our experts, your team will explore leading best practices, technologies and how they may fit your organization’s short and long-term objectives. Method360 brings our knowledge and expertise to help leverage your finance processes with technology capabilities. This enables your team to bring together financial performance, business strategy and operations that deliver the highest possible value to your organization’s. By reviewing the BPC upgrade options and capabilities, your team will develop a strategic successful roadmap to your upgrade and a better understanding of how operational and financial steps align with your organizations goals.

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