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SAP Digital Boardroom – Free Workshop

During this 1-day free workshop your team will explore how SAP Digital Boardroom can promote real-time insights and analysis by reviewing typical use cases and understand the business and technology roadmap in deploying.

  • Explore how SAP Digital Boardroom can provide total transparency, instant data-driven insights, and simplified boardroom processes.
  • Review common uses cases and methodology
  • Develop a business and technology roadmap for deployment
  • Leverage predefined best practices to accelerate time to value

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"We hired Method360 on an important visioning strategy project to help assess the existing business/IT environment. Their partnership proved to be a key ingredient to the successful delivery of this important business initiative."

Erik Goodman
Director, Global Financial Business Processes
Lam Research, Inc.

More About this Workshop

In today’s digital economy there is increased pressure on businesses to keep up with the expectations of customer and employee demands. This requires that SAP users have access to relevant and actionable data and the capability to present effective data-driven insights. We created our SAP Digital Boardroom workshop as a tool for organization to learn how to create visual in-context insights to maximize impact on the audience. The workshop leverages best practices to decrease boardroom preparation time and effort and increase value. This workshops allows us to work closely with customers to help them reimagine their boardroom environment by quickly obtaining a complete picture of their company situation in real-time.

Organizations will leave with a better understanding of how to visualize important value drivers of their business and relationships while impacting potential organizational changes. We are currently able to provide this ‘SAP Digital Boardroom’ workshop to SAP customers at no cost as part of a broader collection of no-cost workshops that make it easy to explore and deploy the latest SAP and technologies designed to take your business to the next level.

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