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SAP HANA Smart Data Integration & Smart Data Quality – Free Workshop

During this 1-day free workshop your team will discover the various information management options available within the SAP HANA SDI and SDQ roadmap and develop a clear path to support your organization’s short and long-term objectives.

  • Compare and contrast with your existing integration/ETL subsystems.
  • Develop and discuss mentoring and re-platforming options.
  • Develop and recommend a customized plan that supports your overall data provision and data quality strategy.

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"We hired Method360 on an important visioning strategy project to help assess the existing business/IT environment. Their partnership proved to be a key ingredient to the successful delivery of this important business initiative."

Erik Goodman
Director, Global Financial Business Processes
Lam Research, Inc.

More About this Workshop

Data integration projects can be an expensive, time consuming, and difficult to manage. The more traditional data integration methods requires the team to create a point to point mapping of source and target systems. This mapping process can require a lot of time and manpower. With the SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Quality (SDQ), businesses have the ability to enable the provisioning , filtering, transformation, cleansing and enrichment of data from multiple sources with SAP HANA. This eliminates the need for a separate ETL or replication stage.

With our “SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Quality (SDQ)” workshop, let our experts show you how to put in place an enterprise level integrated data management system built with SAP and non-SAP technologies. Method360 has seasoned experts in the latest data provisioning technologies. With the help of our team, we will help your organization navigate the SAP product roadmap and determine the best option for your company.

We are currently provide this “SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI) and Smart Data Quality (SDQ)” workshop to SAP customers at no cost. This is part of a broader collection of no-cost workshops that make it easy to explore and deploy the latest SAP and technologies designed improve your business’s bottom line, develop intellectual capital, and increase data knowledge throughout the organization.

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