360Staffing Overview

The ability to react quickly and effectively to changing market dynamics and opportunities is essential in today’s business environment. Added to the fact that companies are becoming more and more self-sufficient and sometimes just require supplemental resources to support their project objectives. 360Staffing provides our clients with highly qualified, pre-screened technical, functional and management resources at competitive rates.

Why Method360?

For almost 20 years, Method360 has been providing IT Talent to a range of industry sectors and Fortune 500 Companies.

Our proven approach and decades of providing IT Services allows us to take our clients beyond incremental change to world-class performance, ensuring that our clients fully realize the benefits of working with Method360 long after projects and/or assignments are complete.

What sets us apart?

Personal Service

Personal service is our hallmark, we develop deep and loyal relationships with both clients and resources and nurturing this loyalty through regular contact and proactive communication has been the key to our continued success.

24/48 Hour Responsiveness

Our response time is one of the fastest in the industry. Our sales team provides our clients with highly qualified, pre-screened resources within 24 to 48 hours. We blend the use of technology, experience and long-term personal relationships during our evaluation process. With such quick turn-around, our client’s resource issues are resolved quickly and effectively with minimum disruption to workflow.


Our subject matter experts utilize Method360’s unique screening process, developed over the past ten years, to ensure that not only are our candidates skills set a match, but also that the individual or team has the right work ethic and personality to fit the project.

All of the Method360 Subject Matter Exerts are industry experts in their fields. Our knowledge base encompasses a full range of skills including but not limited to SAP, Oracle, .NET, Java, and SQL, BI and Software Development.

Partner with 360Staffing to get the right expertise at the right time

The right people are key to a successful project. 360Staffing supplies our experts to deploy solutions and services that not only solve the business challenges but give you a competitive edge. Our clients have access to our vast resources in SAP and our diverse range of industry leaders and technical experts.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our staffing experts. We do all the work to attract the best talent in the market and provide you with the resources you need in the least time, least cost, with maximum value.

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