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Method360’s Financial Management experts partner with your Finance and Information Technology Departments to improve financial performance and control costs by providing a combination of best business processes along with our superior knowledge of the industry’s most advanced technologies.

Spend more time growing the business and less time closing the books.

Financial Close Cycle Assessment Workshop

During this 2-3 day workshop our Financial Management experts work along side your team to review the organizations current process and identify potential cost savings opportunities gained from implementing best practices and/or automation of manual busy work, which has resulted in thousands of man-hours of savings.
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Making Financial Reporting More Reliable

Financial Reporting Accuracy Assessment Workshop

This 1-2 day free workshop provides a review of the organizations current financial processes with a focus on identifying potential problems that may result in issues with the accuracy of financial reporting.
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In recent years, an incredible array of new Finance Planning and Analysis applications have surfaced, providing Finance Departments with tools to take their business processes and outputs to a level of detail and accuracy never before possible. Choosing the right partner is key to success to ensure you are able to maximize the value of your investment.Method360 brings decades of experience designing and implementing financial planning solutions and we can help ensure your vision becomes a reality.

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) continues to be a widely used financial planning tool for SAP Customers

Explore Method360’s wide range of specialized services and software designed to maximize your SAP BPC investment.

Create accurate forecasts and scenarios at the detailed and consolidated levels to enable better business decisions. Comply with regulations faster, with fewer errors, at a lower cost and leverage the latest technological innovations in mobile, in-memory, and cloud technologies – everything you need to optimize the management of your company’s performance using financial applications.

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Integrated Planning solution from SAP

Explore the various available options and alternative interfaces for an SAP integrated planning and forecasting application.


Our Services Include:

Integrated Planning Strategy & Roadmap:
Let the experts at Method360 provide a comprehensive overview of the different available configuration options available in designing an Integrated Planning Solution that works best for your business needs. As part of these services, we will explore services that are built upon SAP BW, optimized for SAP HANA or integrate directly with SAP S/4HANA finance. We will also dive into the multiple interface options, including SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office. Following these sessions, your organization will have a clear roadmap specifically designed to meet your unique business requirements.Implementation Services:
There are some fundamental changes taking place within the underlying technology used within the SAP BPC product roadmap. SAP is moving away from the account based models used with OutlookSoft and replacing this with Key Figures. These technology changes may make traditional SAP BPC partners that originated with the OutlookSoft solution less relevant. With Method360’s deep roots in SAP BI, which leverages key figured models, and our extensive expertise assisting world class global EPM implementations, we believe we are the partner of choice to assist SAP customers with the BPC solutions.Integrated Planning Upgrades:
If your organization utilizes SAP BPS or BPC 10.1 Embedded, but would like to explore a new user-experience, an upgrade to Integrated Planning may be something worth considering to align to SAP’s S/4HANA roadmap.

Explore SAP S/4HANA Finance

with Method360

Discover your organization’s best path to financial excellence with SAP S/4HANA Finance

As SAP simplifies the technology architecture with SAP S/4HANA while maintaining flexibility for product adoption, the roadmap choices for individual customer needs and timetables can get a bit complicated. Let the business and SAP technology experts at Method360 help you chart out your organization’s best path to financial excellence.

You have the idea that SAP S/4HANA should be on your Road-map.

Where to start?

Our SAP S/4HANA Readiness Assessment Workshop is designed to provide customers with a great starting point for development of an individualized SAP roadmap strategy that supports the businesse’s objectives. During this no risk no cost workshop our business and technology exports work alongside your teams to perform a thorough review of both business processes and technical landscape to determine if SAP S/4HANA makes sense for your organization’s immediate needs. If so, we assist you in determining the best approach and timetable as SAP S/4HANA innovations are being ramped up module by module, which provides some flexibility with adoption.

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SAP Central Finance with SAP S/4HANA

SAP Central Finance option provides for an accelerated, non disruptive, deployment of SAP S/4HANA Finance.

SAP Central Finance allows customer to leverage new features and benefits of SAP S/4HANA Finance, without the need to upgrade or disrupt existing production systems. This is accomplished by transferring all relevant postings from decentralized systems to a single centralized SAP S/4HANA environment. Transactions continue to take place within current systems, with no change, however are now automatically filtered and duplicated within the new SAP S/4HANA Central Finance system.Document copies are not just a replication at the database level; instead new documents are posted in real-time within the centralized system, allowing for harmonization of postings. Postings are transferred to the new system utilizing SAP Landscape Transformation Tool (SLT), with error handling being managed within the Central finance system through a suspense account. There are master data considerations
that must be to addressed to handle the differences in data between source systems, which can be handled with master data governance (MDG), another area in which Method360 has a high degree of expertise.The real benefit of Central Finance is that it allows you to create a common single real-time analytics and reporting system to support entire enterprise, with relatively low risk and impact on existing systems. This could be considered a way for organizations with complex and heavily customized systems to ease into the new SAP S/4HANA technology.Contact us today to schedule some time with a Method360 expert to discuss the SAP Central Finance deployment option to determine if this might be a good option for your businesse’s needs

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Planning

Planning, Forecasting and Business Analysis in an easy to use shared cloud based application. Create business models, as easily as with MS excel, but without the downside of individual silo spreadsheets. Plan at any level of detail, without delays. Collaborate with colleagues directly within your plans, utilizing built in features. Perform Planning and Analysis within one system, personalizing your displays to focus on only the information and KPI’s that are important to you. Contact us today to schedule some time with one of our experts for more information on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for Planning solution to determine if this might be a good fit for your business.


Planning in the cloud
with Anaplan

As a new and upcoming technology innovator, Anaplan is creating some real disruption with its cloud based planning and modeling engine along with the collaboration capabilities it delivers through a simple to use business user interface. Method360 can assist with configuration and optimization of planning models and processes, as well as provide an end-to-end implementation of a complete Anaplan based solution, customized to fit your business needs.Contact us today to schedule some time with one of our product experts to discuss the opportunities and benefits your organization may achieve with the Anaplan suite of solutions and products.

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