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Client Success Story: Lam Research BPC System Upgrade

Converting from an Account-Based Planning System (BPC 10.0) to Key Figure-Based (10.1 Embedded)

By Graham Jordan

In 2016, Lam Research’s Project Phoenix successfully implemented a new Key Figure based planning system for Sales Contracts with the help of Method360. Following up the resounding success of that implementation, Lam Research has chosen to convert their existing account-based BPC 10.0 planning systems to a Key Figure based planning system in BPC 10.1 Embedded.

A Key Figure based BPC system has a number of advantages over an Account based BPC system:

  • Real time reporting of plan data
  • Faster save and refresh times
  • Removal of the data replication that occurs with account based BPC systems
  • Future-proofing for an eventual move to S/4HANA Finance, where a Key Figure model can continue to be fully integrated

Larger businesses with multiple finance teams in global locations can greatly benefit from an integrated planning system because it offers integrated and controlled master data, which allows the system to offer one planning process, and one version of the truth.

On the other hand, finance departments who highly rate flexibility and business user ownership of calculations and master data may be better served by staying with an account-based planning system.

Lam Research’s system conversion has been split into multiple phases – the first phase up for conversion included the planning models for Headcounts, Salaries, Projects, Capital Expenses, and all other Operating Expense planning and analytics.

This phase went live in May, and has already received flattering feedback from end users. Some features that users have rated highly are:

  • The intuitive and pivotable BusinessObjects Analysis for Office user interface, which is fully integrated with Excel
  • No delay between planning and analytics
  • Faster save, refresh, and calculation times


Client Quote:

“…These upgrades are just amazingly useful. The gain of time and convenience is wonderful, many thanks!! :)”

-Lam Research Financial Analyst, France


With the first phase sailing smoothly in production, the team is already at work on converting the next phase: the highly complex Revenue and COGS planning models, slated to go live in Q4 of 2017!

We offer free workshops to help you find out which type of planning system is right for your business, contact today to find out more.


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